Our Mission
To be an organization that is innovative, and a leader in identifying and adapting new techniques and technologies for our customers.
Clients' Needs
To be an organization, that is dedicated to meet and even exceed clients' needs and expectations within the established budget and time frame
Qualified Personnel
To be an organization that retains highly qualified personnel, provides for their career development, and establishes programs that provide a high degree of personal and economic growth.
Construction Services

At EPJL, passionate energy and aggressive enthusiasm for a construction project begins even before you award it to us. Prior to making a presentation, we analyze every project down to the last detail to ensure that it matches our capabilities. Fact is, we will submit a proposal only if we are certain we can do a first-rate job. More importantly, that analysis also allows us to discover potential problems, develop ways to address them in advance and give you a more realistic construction plan. In the end, that means being able to build more efficiently.

Our experienced staff of contractor, engineers, planners, supervisors, material suppliers, amply supported by a large seasoned labor force, has the knowledge and ability to plan, design, supervise and construct as per the clients’ needs. In addition to our facilities and workforce, continuous research activities assist us substantially in serving our customers using up-to-date techniques and equipment. Our manpower is our asset and we lay complete concern about their safety and security.


Our business partner in the field of construction is Huge Tower Construction Company. Which has participated in plenty of construction works at Kabul, Bagram, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar sharif and Panj Shir provinces, in the last decade. And is a reliable, well respected name .HTCC has recently merged with EPJL to form a formidable partnership. And now together we are outperforming our peers.